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Kylie Lawrence

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Kylie Lawrence is a passionate advocate for authentic marketing! Over the years she has been able to work closely with entrepreneurs and small business owners discovering the need for more quality marketing solutions that lead with authenticity. Kylie has developed a wide range of skills while building her personal and virtual assisting services, much of which was centered around business/brand development and marketing. Over the last 3 years, she has unearthed a passion for bridging the gap between business and community by developing heart-centered, workable strategies for showcasing the products, services, and, most importantly, the stories businesses (and the individuals behind them) have to offer. “No matter the difference between the products, services, or industries, I always find that at the end of the day, quality businesses are always in the business of people.”


Kylie joined LBO after working closely with Co-Founder Sara Stock to renew and develop the vision for Stock Legal’s digital marketing strategy. Kylie leads with authenticity, a shared value here at LBO. Her creative eye paired with the ability to build flexible, functional, and effective systems that are easily integrated, makes her a valuable asset to LBO’s marketing team.

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