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In the digital age, legal practices face an ever-increasing need for robust cybersecurity and reliable IT infrastructure. Legal Back Office’s Managed IT Services are designed to meet these critical needs, ensuring that your practice operates securely and efficiently. With our comprehensive suite of services, we provide end-to-end solutions that protect sensitive client information, maintain compliance with industry regulations, and mitigate the risk of cyber threats.

By entrusting your IT needs to Legal Back Office, you gain access to a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to maintaining the digital integrity of your practice. Our services include proactive monitoring, regular updates, and rapid response to any IT issues, ensuring minimal downtime and maintaining the trust of your clients. Embrace a future where your practice is digitally secure and operationally resilient with Legal Back Office’s Managed IT Services.

Legal Back Office is your partner for managed IT services in the legal industry.

Law Firm Managed IT Services with LBO include help with:

Law Firm IT Management

Managing the technical side of a firm can be time consuming. We can help you with:

User Account Management

Licensing, Security, and Password Management.

Email Hosting & Licensing

Licensing through Google Workspace or Microsoft 365.

Software Licensing and Management

Managing software licenses to ensure compliance and optimize usage.

Device Management

Ensuring that all software and systems are up-to-date with the latest patches and updates.

Hardware & Software Purchasing

Cloud Management and Monitoring

Overseeing and optimizing cloud-based resources, with support available anytime there’s a need for adjustments or troubleshooting.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Developing and implementing a plan to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster

IT Consulting and Strategy

Providing advice and planning services to help the business make informed IT decisions.

24/7 Remote Tech Support

Remote tech support ensures that businesses have constant access to assistance, no matter when issues arise.

Help Desk and Technical Support

Providing round-the-clock support for any IT-related queries or issues, ensuring employees always have access to the help they need.

Security Monitoring and Threat Detection

Constantly scanning for potential cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities to protect sensitive data and systems.

Email Support and Management

Providing 24/7 assistance for any email-related issues or queries, ensuring seamless communication.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ensuring data is regularly backed up and can be quickly restored in case of loss, with support available any time it’s needed.

Server Monitoring and Management

Keeping servers running optimally and addressing any issues that arise, no matter the time of day.

Cloud Services Management

Overseeing and optimizing cloud-based resources, with support available anytime there’s a need for adjustments or troubleshooting.

Employee Education and Training

Employee education and training guarantees that staff are well-versed in best practices for software, hardware, and cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Educating employees on the latest cybersecurity threats and best practices to prevent data breaches and attacks.

Incident Reporting and Response Training

Ensuring that employees know how to report security incidents and understand their role in the company’s incident response plan.

Data Privacy and Compliance Training

Ensuring that employees understand the importance of data privacy and are aware of the compliance requirements relevant to the industry.

Password Management Training

Teaching best practices for creating strong passwords and securely managing them.

Email Security Training

Teaching staff how to identify phishing attempts and other malicious email content to protect sensitive information.

Phishing Simulation and Training

Conducting simulated phishing attacks to test employee awareness and providing training to those who need it.

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