Kamykowski & Taylor


“Sharply Focused”

K&T is a women-owned, technology-forward team of hard-working trial lawyers and staff serving clients in Missouri and Illinois.

K&T (formerly KGS) approached us needing to rebrand with the departure of a former partner and the addition of a new one. This rebrand highlights their certification as a Women Business Enterprise, which enforces their mission to support diversity in the legal industry.

With the rebrand, the firm also needed a new website that more clearly presented K&T’s service offerings, mission, and team.

It was our pleasure to create with K&T!

** We originally rebranded the firm as KGT (Kamykowski, Gavin, & Taylor). Roughly 6 months later, Gavin left the firm. Hence, we re-tweaked the branding and website again, down to just K&T (Kamykowski & Taylor), which are reflected on the site. The designs below are apart of both the original re-brand (KGT), and the updated (K&T)

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